Triple Bento Round 1500mL

The Triple Bento Round is a three tier lunchbox and holds a total of 1500ml with a handy handle and side roll clamps to tightly seal the container.

Perfect for all kinds of food including stews and casseroles that are not saucy.

The container is pressure sealed with the clamps but contains no silicon for leak proof qualities 😉




* Diameter: 15cm

* Height: 11.5cm

* Volume: Top layer: 500ml, Middle Layer: 500mL, Bottom Layer: 500mL


Ideas for your Triple Bento Round:

* Great for large sandwiches, fruit, rice and pasta dishes and will hold generous servings.

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* Food Grade Stainless Steel    * Durable    * Reusable    * Zero Waste

* Non Toxic   * Non Leaching   * Plastic Free   * Hygienic

* Dishwasher Safe

Care Instructions:

* Hand wash or place in top draw of dishwasher.

* Not insulated, not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in ovens.

* Not 100% leak proof.