Snack Pot 400mL

The Snack Pot 500ml is a versatile leak proof and airtight food jar perfect for lunchboxes, snacks on the go and food storage.

A simple yet elegant stainless steel jar with silicone seal and screw on lid.



* Diameter: 10cm

* Height: 8cm

* Volume: 400mL


Ideas for your Snack Pot 400mL:

* On the go: Pasta, rice, side salad, fruit salad, yoghurt, baked goodies, crackers, veggie sticks etc.

* At home: In the pantry think tea, coffee, sugar, nuts.  In the fridge think left overs, fruit salad, homemade dip.



* Food Grade Stainless Steel   * Leak proof silicone seal

* Durable    * Reusable    * Zero Waste

* Non Toxic   * Non Leaching   * Plastic Free   * Hygienic

* Dishwasher Safe


Care Instructions:

* Hand wash or place in top draw of dishwasher.

* Silicone seal removable for easy cleaning.

* Not insulated, not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in ovens.