Munch Pot 100% Leak Proof

The Munch Pot is a versatile 100% leak proof and airtight food container for single meals and large snacks for on the go and food storage.

Perfect for all kinds of liquidy foods including soup, noodle hot-pot, dressed salads, fruit salads, curry and saucy stews.

The base container holds 500ml and with the inner plate fitted on the top there is still a little bit of space under the lid to place a small snack or small spork.

The inner plate has food grade silicone around the outside, so when fitted with the lid and side roll clamps it ensures the container remains airtight and leak proof.



* Diameter:  11 cm

* Height: 6.4 cm

* Volume: 500mL


Ideas for your Munch Pot:

* On the go: larger servings of pasta, rice, salads  etc.

* Great at home for airtight storage: In the pantry think tea, coffee, sugar, nuts.  In the fridge think left overs, fruit salad, home made party dips.



* Food Grade Stainless Steel   * Leak proof silicone seal

* Durable    * Reusable    * Zero Waste

* Non Toxic   * Non Leaching   * Plastic Free   * Hygienic

* Dishwasher Safe


Care Instructions:

* Hand wash or place in top draw of dishwasher.

* Not insulated, not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in ovens.