Jumbo Wrap


This size wrap is the largest wrap we currently have available.  It fits a large baking dish, and will keep cut and uncut bread fresh for much longer than keeping it in a plastic bag.

The size is 40cm x 50cm 


Made of a unique combination of:

* Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

* Organic Beeswax

* Natural Tree resin

* Pure Jojoba oil

* GOTS Certified Inks

* Handmade in Australia with love and care.

Your wraps will be slightly sticky and bendy at
room temperature and then will stiffen at cooler
temperature while still holding the shape you
created.  Use the warmth of your hands to press
and mould your wrap firmly around the food
item. Now it’s ready to store in the refrigerator
or take with you for a fresh lunch on-the-go.

Hand wash your wraps like dishes in COLD
WATER with Earth-friendly dishwashing liquid.
You can gently scrub the wraps with a sponge
or dishcloth, but do not wring or leave them
soaking.. Drip-dry your wrap on a dish rack
or towel dry to reuse right away.
Reuse and reuse! Roll or fold your cleaned
wraps back into this envelope and store in a cool
dry place.  If you continue to care for them like
the way they were made they will keep loving
you back for over a year.
THE HEAT!  Keep away from all sources of
heat, including hot water, steam, hot food,
open flame and microwaves. It’s best to wait
until the food is cool before covering 😉
ALCOHOL!  Strong detergents designed to
remove grease will dissolve your wraps natural
coating so check your dishwashing liquid
before washing.